This page is obsolete with the implementation of the Game Menu tab above.

Date ButtonEdit

The Date Button in the upper left corner is clickable, however it does nothing at this point in time.


The Coins indicator in the upper right corner shows how many coins the player currently has. Coins will roll over onto the next game whenever a game is finished. Clicking on the indicator will redirect to the Coins section in the Shop Menu.

Dialogue MenuEdit

Task MenuEdit

Text BubblesEdit

Occassionally, text bubbles will appear over the game menu. Clicking on these will reward the player with a small amount of coins. (+3-5) Clicking on a button other than the text bubble will result in the bubble disappearing.

  • "Can do housework with Sebastian improve our affection?"
  • "Games in Spring Celebration is funny."
  • "I am proud of being a volunteer in the orphange."
  • "I like new clothes~"
  • "I like the spring in the square."
  • "It's great to be the Catellan of Galatas."
  • "Receive your coins after finished tasks."
  • "Making frinds with people in the city can improve your popularity."
  • "Moon Forest is a good place to practice my skill."

Setting MenuEdit

Status MenuEdit

Schedule MenuEdit

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Wardrobe MenuEdit