A long time ago...

There was an exorcist named LinSu, in order to save mankind from the reign of darkness, he sacrificed his life and sealed the Devil in the Mystical Jade.

However, the vanishing of the Devil did not bring peace to earth, because those who hold the Mystical Jade will attain the power of the Devil.

So, the battle for the ultimate power raged between men and evils, and the whereabouts of the Mystical Jade became a mystery.

After hundreds of years of endless wars, a fox named Yin ruled Galatas, men and evils came to an agreement of peace.

After all, it is a deal with the evils, there will never be peace with darkness among us, and the world is rife with rampaged demons.

I, as an exorccist, I am the enforcer  in this chaotic world, to protect mankind I have to stop the rampaged demons.

One day, I found a kid who suffers from memory loss in the forest of Serenade and I decided to adopt him/her...

Since then -- Everything has changed...

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This wiki is for walkthroughs relating to the iOS game Love Story - You belong with me-.

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The game is available on both iPhone and iPad, but iPad screenshots are preferred. Tag uploaded images as "iPad image" or "iPhone image". iPhone images will eventually be replaced by iPad images.

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