Sebastian is the Player's butler.

Conversation StartersEdit

"Master, the girl you rescued has woken up."Edit

Sebastian: Master, the girl you rescued has woken up.

Sebastian:Young lady, right this way.

Emma: ...

Player: Do you feel better now?

Emma: Yes. I feel a lot better.

Player: What is your name, young lady?

Emma: My name is... I don't remember...

Player: Oh, poor child. What about Emma?

Player: You can stay with us from now on.

Player: You can call me Player. This is my butler, Sebastian

Emma: ...Emma?

Player: You don't like the name?

Emma: I like it, Player, of course I like it.

Player: What a bright young child, maybe you can become a Demon Hunter like me?

Emma: A demon Hunter? What is that?

Player: You know? Like me? Practising magic, fighting evil and protecting civilians from the Darkness.

Emma: Wow, that's so cooool! I want to be a Demon Hunter too!

Player: Demon Hunting should not be taken lightly.

Player: You need to work on improving your body and your mind. Plus all the spells to master, you need to train really hard.

Emma: Okie dokie, I sure will.